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Track Artist Album
Innocent (Until Proven Filthy) Futureshock 5 Years of Physmatics LP
Begining Of Time Futureshock 5 Years of Physmatics LP
Room to the Future Futureshock Room to the Future
Talk To Me Futureshock Talk To Me / Ejected
Amazon Futureshock Rumours / Amazon
Sky City Futureshock Room to the Future
Super Genius Futureshock Super Genius / On The Rocks
Tigerdust - Alex Neri Remix Futureshock Tigerdust
Tigerdust - Dub Futureshock Tigerdust
Limousine Futureshock Ghost Train
Consciousness Futureshock Room to the Future
Rolling for 2016 Futureshock Room to the Future
Tigerdust - Original Mix Futureshock Tigerdust
Statikman Futureshock Phantom Theory
Another Hit Futureshock Phantom Theory
Late At Night Futureshock Phantom Theory
Kato's Revenge Futureshock Phantom Theory
On My Mind (feat. Ben Onono) Futureshock Phantom Theory
Sparc Futureshock Phantom Theory
Satellite (feat. Gilly G) Futureshock Phantom Theory
Fifty One Futureshock Phantom Theory
Pride's Paranoia - Radio Edit Futureshock Phantom Theory
Wide Open Futureshock Phantom Theory
Birdcage (feat. Mg) Futureshock Phantom Theory
Frequency Futureshock Phantom Theory
Our World Futureshock Our World
Storm Chaser Futureshock Our World
Electric Chair Futureshock Our World
Mandelbrot Set Futureshock Our World
On My Mind (feat. Ben Onono) - Radio Edit Futureshock On My Mind
On My Mind (feat. Ben Onono) Futureshock On My Mind
On My Mind (feat. Ben Onono) - Electric Lounge Session Futureshock On My Mind
Ghost Train Futureshock Ghost Train
Ancient City Futureshock Kings of Giza
One People Futureshock Kings of Giza
Hear Depths Futureshock Kings of Giza
Kings of Giza Futureshock Kings of Giza
Late At Night Futureshock Late At Night
Late At Night - Tomcraft Remix Futureshock Late At Night
On The Rocks Futureshock Super Genius - On The Rocks
Super Genius Futureshock Demon Recordings Drum And Bass Vaults Vol.4
Ejected Futureshock Talk To Me - Ejected

Phantom Theory
Room to the Future
Kings of Giza
Our World
Ghost Train
Late At Night
On My Mind

Inveterate remixers in the midst of England's busy dance scene, Futureshock came up in the fold of the country's most respected dance label, Junior Boys Own, home to Underworld and the Chemical Brothers. Formed by Birmingham natives Alex Tepper and Phil Dockerty, the act initially raised its profile with remixes of Moby and Chemical Brothers, as well as a co-writing job with Underworld on the single 'Question [Why Why Why]'. Tepper and Dockerty's label Fuju began putting out Futureshock material in 2000, led by 'Sparc', which popped up in sets from dozens of DJs including Carl Cox and Nick Warren. The duo's first full-length album, 'Phantom Theory', appeared on Junior in March of 2003. Although a few of their methods lean uncomfortably close to Underworld [their labelmates on the respected JBO label], the duo of Phil Dockerty and Alex Tepper illustrate their reputation as handy producers to stock in a crate with a set of 12 able productions, each in a different bag. 'Another Hit' is a great example of the high-stepping British house track, 'Late at Night' an excellent twist on the typically detached, debauched electroclash production, and 'Kato's Revenge' a solid mid-tempo breaks track. The duo even jump on the post-club auto atmospherics of Dirty Vegas with 'On My Mind' and dip into minimal techno for 'Sparc' [and, yes, that's just the first half of Phantom Theory]. Setting to one side their schizophrenic production personality, their commitment to everyman dance music is hard to argue with. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.