Triple D (aka Denny de Meulmeester) was born in a small town in the Netherlands, 1983. He wasn't intersted in dancemusic untill the age of 14. After listening a whole lot of (dance) music he started to creating his own dancemusic. When time was passing Denny got the right hard- and software and so his music production quality improved step by step. Having not much other dance-related musical friends around in his environment, he used internet forums to ask for feedback. This way, he expanded his music network, which is still expanding as I speak. Because there wasn't much dance music at the time with a message he could subscribe. He started to create dancemusic who had that positive message (also some without any message:) Later on, he found some christian dance communities, and figured out he was not the only one with that kind of mission (thank God) Denny is a christian who likes to spread a message of faith, hope and love (at least...most of the time:). He's written several vocal trance and electro tracks with lyrics writer tiewrap and other people, which some samples are available as free downloads here. After a while he had some releases on a few different labels, like deepliferecords etc. If you want to find out more about my releases go to the Audiopage. Keep checking this site to keep in touch! Additional information about the gear I'm working with. Software: Cubase 5; Nexus 2; Sylenth 1; Cronox3; Syntplant. Hardware: Fast PC ;) Novation Nova 2; Acces Virus TI; Korg electribe MX; Korg Padcontrol; Yamaha HS speakers; AKG micorphone And more stuff; Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.